In an effort to better serve the community, beginning tomorrow, October 22 around 10:00 am, Castlegate II Homeowners will be able to log on to their HOA Web Portal to submit Service Issues for the Common Spaces in the neighborhood.  Once a ticket is submitted, you may keep track of the progress of the ticket and what work is being done through Homeowners Web Access. You will no longer need to send an email and wait for a response; everything will be updated in real time!

Some examples of things that may need a Service Issue are below for reference. 

  • Lights along a path/sidewalk not working
  • Damage to public/HOA property
  • Sprinklers spraying the wrong way or damaged
  • Facilities/amenities not working at the Event Center or Aquatic Center

The maintenance requests will go directly to Aggieland Houses.  Details such as work performed by Aggieland Houses, approvals, vendor work, progress etc. will be added to the Comments Section of the Service Issue for you to be able to check and follow up.  

You are hereby notified that the Castlegate II Board of Directors has agreed to immediately enforce restrictions of short term rentals as found in the community CC&Rs.

Ref. 3.34 Leasing (Defined as: a written document for a term of at least 90 days between an Owner and tenants occupying the Owner’s Lot. No Lease shall be executed by an Owner which applies to a fraction, room, bedroom or portion of a residence). Rental of Lots shall be permitted, provided the Owner executes one, and only one Lease at any given time, and the Lease designates a Primary Tenant and the Owner registers the name and contact information of the Primary Tenant with the Association within ten (10) days after commencement of the Lease. If an Owner fails to designate a Primary Tenant in the Lease or to register the name and contact information of the Primary Tenant with the Association, it shall be conclusively presumed that the Primary Tenant is the first tenant name listed in the Lease. Each Owner who enters into a Lease shall provide copies of the Declaration; Bylaws, and Rules and Regulations of Castlegate II to the Primary Tenant, and shall require compliance with the Declaration, Bylaws and Rules and Regulations of Castlegate II by the Occupant Group.

Any residents in violation will be sent violations and fined.

Thank you to all who participated in the 2019 election of the board! This year we had 417 votes cast.

Your 2020 Board of Directors are:

  • Ashley Lewis (352 votes)
  • Melissa Lewis (372 votes)
  • Kaleb Morton (346 votes)
  • Fran Murr (327 votes)
  • Merten Rice (329 votes)

Other candidate vote totals were as follows: Robert Byrnes, 61 votes; Jonathan Felts, 90 votes; Kinda Flagg, 50 votes; Delwyn Hocker, 51 votes; Lori Morgan, 58 votes; and Jennifer Zhang, 24 votes.