On the evening of Tuesday, May 19, 2020, the Castlegate II Board met for an emergency executive session to discuss the feasibility of opening the neighborhood pool. After taking into consideration the new mandated protocols updated by Governor Abbott on May 18th, the board unanimously decided that it is in the best interest of the association to NOT open the pool at this time.

The main factors discussed when making this decision are:

  •  Financial feasibility
    – Financially, the association is not able to cover the costs it would take to follow the newest protocols regarding cleaning and sanitization. The cost to follow these protocols is estimated at $8,000 for 4 weeks vs. the budgeted cleaning cost of $300 a month.
  • Insurance liability
    – During these unprecedented times, it is nearly impossible to know the depth of liability and risks associated with opening community amenities too soon. We have asked and received notice from the insurance carrier that our community would be liable for any claims and associated costs arising from COVID-19 that occurred at any of our amenities.

The following issues have been discussed and will be addressed in the upcoming weeks:

  • The board will reconvene and reexamine the situation as the Open Texas plan progresses. It is our hope and desire to open the pool for our neighbors and community members as soon as feasibly possible.
  • A detailed liability waiver covering COVID-19 issues will be created after consulting with the association’s attorney. Families will be required to sign the wavier prior to utilizing the pool.
  • If circumstances allow, it is our intention to extend the pool season beyond the normal dates to compensate for the lost time.

Many families are anxious to use the pool. We understand! The board allocated a significant portion of the budget to much needed pool repairs to make this the best pool season yet. Unfortunately, we could not predict a pandemic sweeping through the country and changing our plans. We hope that you all will appreciate and understand that we are doing what we think is best to keep our community safe as well as protect us from legal liability. We will continue to monitor this situation, as we have been, daily. Stay safe and healthy!

Governor Greg Abbott filed Executive Order 21 on May 5, 2020 relating to the expanded reopening of services as part of the safe, strategic plan to Open Texas in response to the COVID-19 disaster.  We know many of you have been eagerly awaiting news about reopening of the Castlegate II Community Pool. The pool will re-open on Friday, May 22, but will be limited to 25% capacity per the Governor’s order. 

Overall capacity for the CGII pool area is 320 people. Therefore, the 25% capacity will be capped at 80 people. Residents are responsible for self-monitoring the total number present before entering.  While in the pool area, you must practice social distancing and we ask that you limit your time at the pool to 2 hours to allow more families to use the pool per day.  Pool parties will not be scheduled or allowed until further notice.

Entering the CGII Pool Area will be AT YOUR OWN RISK and neither CGII HOA nor Aggieland Homes offers any guarantee regarding your safety from COVID-19.