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Castlegate Communities are managed by Neighborhood Partners, a local College Station company.

Fall Fitness Classes

Ladies Fall Fitness classes begin this month at Castlegate II Event Center!

Wake up, work out, check off strength training and cardio first thing! In just 45 minutes, we will work every muscle group using a variety of exercises and activities. You get a totally different workout each day. ALL FITNESS levels and ages welcome!

Classes start August 31 through December 14, no class on November 23.

Please come try it out. Nutrition and Weight Loss counseling available!

Registration/Questions: Niki Lewis at or 979-218-3250.

Neighborhood News

Neighborhood News: Information on College Station events and services

Podcast: Why does Mayor Mooney want to walk in your neighborhood?

Mayor Karl Mooney has a new way to connect with citizens: a monthly "Walk With the Mayor." In this episode of the city podcast, Mayor Mooney said he especially wants to connect with residents who may not feel comfortable coming to city hall but still have issues or concerns they want the mayor to see and understand. To listen to the podcast of Mayor Mooney talking with Public Communications Director Jay Socol about his thoughts on "Walk With the Mayor", click here

New "My Neighborhood Guide" now available

Neighborhood Services and the Public Communications Department revised the manual used by neighborhood associations and HOAs to organize and manage associations. The original manual was published in the early 2000's. The manual needed to be revised and updated to reflect the more current state and needs of associations. The manual is meant to be a resource for association leaders and representatives.  For a hard copy, contact Neighborhood Services to arrange to pick up a copy or have one mailed. For an electronic version, click here.

Video available of April Code Enforcement Seminar Supper

Last month's Seminar Supper was on the topic of Code Enforcement. Code Supervisor Julie Caler was the guest speaker discussing all things code enforcement. Since this always one of the most important topics, this video of the seminar supper is now available for viewing.  To view the video, click here

Parks Summer Guide is now available

The Parks and Recreation Summer Guide is now available for download. Hard copies available at City Hall, Stephen C. Beachy Central Park, Southwood Community Center, Lincoln Recreation Center and Larry J. Ringer Library.  The electronic copy of the guide is available here for download.

Neighborhood Services Office is moving

The Neighborhood Services Office is to the old Human Resources Office in City Hall. The new office will be just a few steps down the hall from the old office near the elevator. The City's Human Resources Office moved next door to the old Fire Station at 1207 Texas Avenue and in doing so provided some much needed additional office space for various city employees. The move should take place the week of May 15.

Mosquito Dunk distribution to begin May 22

Mosquito dunk distribution will begin on May 22. Like last year, all HOAs will go through neighborhood services to receive dunks. Applications for dunks must be completed and turned in when picking up dunks. Please call before coming to pick up dunks from Neighborhood Services to be sure the Neighborhood Services Coordinator is in the office and available to distribute the dunks.  Residents not in HOAs can pick up dunks from the City Secretary's Office, also located in city hall. Mosquito dunks can be picked up in the City Secretary's Office beginning May 22, from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.  To get more information on the mosquito dunks, tips to keep safe during mosquito season and the application for HOAs to receive dunks, visit the Neighborhood Services webpage here and check out the Mosquito Abatement Program tab.

Water Conservation Tips

Tips to Prevent Over-Watering Your Lawn:

Bike Lane Issues

We have received several phone calls & emails of people driving in the bike lane at the corner of William D Fitch and Victoria. Please be careful and watch out for children and bikers when driving along this intersection. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter!

Thank you

Victoria Traffic Concerns

Traffic concerns on Victoria road through Castlegate and Castlegate II


Citizens can contact James Robertson via email or phone.

Phone Number: (979) 764-3862

Email Address:


In general, here are some responses Traffic Engineering has provided concerning Victoria Avenue:

  • Victoria Avenue @ Etonbury Avenue

o   This intersection could become an all-way stop in the future if an engineering study were to find that an all-way stop is warranted based upon crash history and traffic volume.  It would be a violation of the Texas Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices for us to post an all-way stop for the purpose of controlling speed along Victoria Avenue.  The Texas Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices is adopted within the Texas Transportation Code. We should have funds for this evaluation in next year’s budget. 

  • Victoria Avenue @ Norwich Drive

o   Traffic Engineering will evaluate this intersection in the future to determine if an all-way stop is warranted.  Given that Norwich Drive is a residential street, it is unlikely that the evaluation will find this to be the case.  We are looking into installing pedestrian crossing signs. This would be evaluated at the same time Victoria Avenue @ Etonbury Avenue is evaluated. 

  • Victoria Avenue Speed Limit

o   Traffic Engineering and CSPD will work on collecting speed data along the roadway to determine if the speed limit should be changed and to determine what level of enforcement could be needed.  CSPD is stretched thin, therefore, it will take time before this evaluation can be completed.

  • Victoria Avenue Speed Humps

o   Because Victoria Avenue is a primary response route for the College Station Fire Department, we will not be able to consider speed bumps along this roadway.  Speed humps have a negative effect on emergency response times and pose a risk to patients in ambulances.  As an example, imagine you’re the person that fell off a ladder and hurt your back.  As the ambulance takes you to the hospital, it now has to go over the speed humps as it exits the neighborhood. 

  • Children at Play signs

o   These signs cannot be installed because it would be a violation of the Texas Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices.  Additionally, these signs have been found to increase risk to children in the communities where they are posted.  Driver’s tend to ignore the signs because they often see them without also seeing children.  At the same time, some parents assume the signs are affecting driver behavior and use less caution in the observation of their children.  This decreased observation with no change in driver behavior increases risk.

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