Road Construction Projects

Hello Neighbors!

With all of the different construction projects going on in and around the community we wanted to give you a little bit of information from the City of College Station. Should there be any questions about the projects going on feel free to contact the Property Manager by clicking on the links below. The links will take you to the City of College Station website and give a better insight on the future plans for Barron and Greens Prarie Trail.


Greens Prairie Trail

Drama Kids of BCS

Drama Kids of BCS is for all ages INCLUDING tweens and teens! The Acting Academy Class is for students ages 12-18! The class is being offered on Monday's through the City of College Station, and on Thursday's at Castlegate II event center. Register today to reserve your spot!


Fountains - UPDATE

UPDATE 10/18/2016: Due to the cost of maintaing the fountains we have exceeded the budget amount for the year. The developer has asked us to pull the fountains due to construction in the area to elleviate some of the repair costs.

UPDATE 9/14/2016: with continued notice of construction debris and fines to builders we have found a decrease in debris in and around our lake. We are monitoring in the next heavy rain that the culverts are cleared of debris. 

UPDATE 8/22/2016: we have notified builders of the problems not only for the construction debris in our lakes but for the residents living next to the lots under construction. We are now fining those builders who have not complied by containing and removing construction debris

We have been battling the maintenance of the lake fountains for a few years. We replaced with better brand of fountains earlier this year, however, with the continued construction debris in the lake we cannot afford to keep repairing at this time. Please understand the street culverts drain into our lake, thus the debrius that washes down the streets go into the culverts and into our lake. These fountains are a suction pump that have plastic wrap, ice bags and other packing materials pulled into the pump. We have added screens in our attempt to stop this from happening.

Mosquito Dunks

We will have mosquito dunks available starting the week of May 2, 2016 for residents to pick up. Please stop by office to pick up your bag Monday – Thursday between 9:00am – 4:00pm. We are located east of the Arrington Rd and Green Prairie.

     4519 Mills Park Cr, Suite 200 College Station, TX 77845

Due to the public health concerns with Zika and West Nile, this year we will stock the mosquito dunks. The dunks can be broken in halves and used as well. It can take at least 2 to 3 weeks for a full mosquito dunk to dissolve, so using halves and dunking on a weekly basis will also help extend the use and number of the dunks.

Burglaries of Motor Vehichles

Brazos County Sheriff's Office Warns Residents of Burglaries of Motor Vehichles.

See attached

Recycling Collection Schedule

Good Afternoon Neighbors!

Attached is the latest recycling collection schedule. Please look for your street name on the schedule to confirm your collection day. Some of the collection days may have changed over the past few weeks and we want to be sure that you have the most recent information on collection days. If you have any questions regarding recycling visit or email them to the recycling staff at .


Barbara Moore, MPA

City of College Station

Neighborhood Services Coordinator


City of College Station
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