Event Center Checkout Procedures

  1. In general, the events center must be left in the way it was presented.
  2. Cleaning supplies are located in the kitchen under the sink.
  3. All decorations/supplies/hanging materials (including tape) must be removed at end of event.
  4. The kitchen counters and sinks are to be cleaned.
  5. The refrigerator should be wiped of any spillage.
  6. The restrooms should be left as found. Please empty the trash cans and restock the paper products if necessary. You will find fresh paper products in each restroom.
  7. The floor is to be swept clean and mopped if your guests have spilled anything.
  8. All tables and chairs must be returned to the closet where they were located.
  9. Lights and fans should be turned off and temperature set to the guidelines posted inside the event center near the AC controls.
  10. All indoor trash cans must be emptied. Fresh trash bags are to be placed in the containers. You will find these under the kitchen sink.
  11. Any trash containers must be returned to their original locations.
  12. All trash must be removed from the building. The trash bins will be located on the back porch covered area.
  13. Anything you bring must go home with you. Do not leave anything in the refrigerator or your extra plates and cups on the counter.
  14. Do not touch any part of the security system. This includes the cameras and floodlights on the front of the building.
  15. Lock the front and back doors when you leave. Exit through the side door in the kitchen.