Event Center FAQs

Where are the cleaning supplies located?

The cleaning supplies are located under the kitchen sink.

How many tables and chairs are available?

There are 2 - 8' rectangular tables, 3 - 6' rectangular tables, 12 - 5' round tables and approximately 140 chairs.   

Where are the trash bins located?

There are two trash bins located in the back covered area of the building. 

How do I access the building?

Event Center Keypad Entry Instructions
Enter on the left side door of the building
Place your palm over the keypad, the numbers will light up
Type in your 4-digit code followed with a star “*”
The door will unlock
Unarming Alarm System 
The alarm system is located right to the left of the front double doors
Type in your 4-digit code to disarm
You have 45 seconds from entering the side door to disarming before an alarm is dispatched
Arming Alarm System
First ensure that all back doors and the front door is locked
Choose ‘Arm Away’ on the alarm system keypad
You have 45 seconds to exit the side door in the kitchen
Locking the Side Door
Place your palm over the keypad, the numbers will light up
Door will then lock automatically
Building access
You are only granted access during the times allotted in your contract.
If the alarm is triggered due to an overstay, charges will be billed to
your account and withheld from your security deposit for the alarm
dispatch and management staff’s time.

What amenities are available at the Event Center?

2 refrigerators, 3 microwaves and a sink are available for use. 

What if a toilet clogs?

Turn the water off at the wall. Put an “Out Of Order” sign on the door and submit a service order request on your resident web portal to notify management.

How big is the Event Center?

The main space is 3,500 square feet. (This does not include the restrooms or kitchen.) See photos below: