Event Center Rules & Regulations

  1. Event center is only available for rental between 9am and 10pm. Facility must be cleaned and vacated by 10pm.
  2. Set up / clean out must take place during your reserved rental time.
  3. Payment for the rental fee and security deposit must be made in advance and to secure a reservation.
  4. The Event Center is a SMOKE FREE FACILITY. Any smoking inside or near the doors that cause smoke to enter the building may result in extensive cleaning fees.
  5. There must be at least one adult 18 years or older at the function at all times.
  6. The reserving homeowner will be responsible for any disruptive/destructive behavior of themselves, family, or any guests.
  7. Any repairs or cleaning necessary to make the clubhouse usable for the next guest may result in additional charges.
  8. Alcoholic beverages are not promoted by CGII HOA and excessive use is grounds for party termination by HOA Management, a CGII HOA board member, or police.
  9. No cooking is allowed. (The facility does have 3 microwaves available for reheating purposes.)
  10. No decorating is allowed more than 8 feet above the surface of the ground.
  11. No damaging methods (tacks, nails, etc.) may be used to decorate. Helium balloons must be secured to avoid them flying into the ceiling fans.
  12. All furniture in the event center must remain inside.
  13. Using the clubhouse for commercial purposes is expressly prohibited. Any use where money is transacted will result in forfeiture of deposit and no future use of the clubhouse will be permitted.
  14. Please make cancellations at least 7 business days in advance via e-mail to hoa@aggielandhouses.com or by calling the office during office hours at 979-314-4234, option 1.
  15. The CGII HOA Board reserves the right to refuse to rent the facilities for any event determined to be contrary to the best interest of the Castlegate II Homeowners Association.
  16. Upon stating cause, HOA Management and/or the CGII HOA Board reserves the right to impose other directives to include ceasing a function and requiring the event center to be vacated immediately.
  17. The CGII HOA Board retains the right to change these rules at any time.
  18. During peak times (Friday – Sunday) no more than two bookings per lot owner will be allowed in a 90-day period.
  19. If you have an emergency or any issues, call 979-361-5090 to reach the Aggieland Houses after hours emergency line.