Fountains - UPDATE

UPDATE 10/18/2016: Due to the cost of maintaing the fountains we have exceeded the budget amount for the year. The developer has asked us to pull the fountains due to construction in the area to elleviate some of the repair costs.

UPDATE 9/14/2016: with continued notice of construction debris and fines to builders we have found a decrease in debris in and around our lake. We are monitoring in the next heavy rain that the culverts are cleared of debris. 

UPDATE 8/22/2016: we have notified builders of the problems not only for the construction debris in our lakes but for the residents living next to the lots under construction. We are now fining those builders who have not complied by containing and removing construction debris

We have been battling the maintenance of the lake fountains for a few years. We replaced with better brand of fountains earlier this year, however, with the continued construction debris in the lake we cannot afford to keep repairing at this time. Please understand the street culverts drain into our lake, thus the debrius that washes down the streets go into the culverts and into our lake. These fountains are a suction pump that have plastic wrap, ice bags and other packing materials pulled into the pump. We have added screens in our attempt to stop this from happening.